Diversified Marketing A

The importance of diversified marketing campaigns

Availability and access to information has changed buyer expectations and behaviour. Buyers now prefer to be educated and not sold to – they search for products/services online, research available businesses, and visit you premises with the aid of online maps. Your business survival depends on your ability to: • prominently display answers to customer concerns ...Read More
Successful Campaigns A

5 critical components of a successful marketing campaign

Maintaining a successful business presence requires much more than a yellow page listing or newspaper ad and praying for customers to start rolling in. Marketing is no longer a singular event – and now requires a universal approach over the whole ‘customer lifecycle’. It’s a process which takes into account how your business finds customers, ...Read More
Long Form Sales Letters 1a

Long form sales letters – a magic bullet

People often ask if ‘long form’ sales letters really work; and our answer is a resounding yes! I know what you’re thinking. “What kind of people respond to letters that go on forever, are often repetitive, have sensational headlines that scream attention, and are jam-packed with unrealistic and unsubstantiated promises” …. yet you’d be surprised ...Read More