Building Trust A

6 strategies for building trust in sales teams

Trust is defined as “reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” Consider that for a minute …. trust indicates that you depend on another person to do the right thing. You believe in the individual’s ability, integrity and strength of character, to the extent that you’re able to put yourself ...Read More
Cold Calls3a

Killer cold calls (part 3) – handling objections

When sales people hear an objection, they often cringe. The very idea that a prospect could say no causes anxiety and often triggers a panic response. You instinctively defend your position and try to overcome the objection.Read More
Trust Mistakes A

6 mistakes that destroy trust online

Unacceptable work practices, misrepresentation and outright deceit are common in current business landscapes. This is especially true when you are doing business online. Is it any wonder buyers are so skeptical with the multitudes of misleading offers presented to them on a daily basis.Read More
Cold Calls 2a

Killer cold calls (part 2) – demystified

Telemarketing can be brutal – first impressions are lasting, you don’t get a second chance. With only 10 seconds to grab a prospects attention and engage them long enough to get your message across, preparation is crucial. We’ve previously discussed the structure of a good script and offered an example, it’s now necessary to explain ...Read More
Communication Checklist A

Communication checklist for results

Communication is the process by which people exchange facts and ideas, express opinions and convey emotion. As a sales manager or sales professional you plan, organise and make decisions, but unless you effectively communicate those decisions to others the action which follows will be subject to random interpretations – resulting in unproductive responses. Effective communication...Read More
Cold Calls 1a

Killer cold calls (part 1) – “the structure”

When it comes to cold-calling many people think they can just “wing it”, but with 10 seconds to grab a prospects attention and engage them long enough to get your message across; preparation is your key to success. Remember, first impressions are lasting … often there is no second chance. If we accept preparation is ...Read More