Diversified Marketing A

The importance of diversified marketing campaigns

Availability and access to information has changed buyer expectations and behaviour. Buyers now prefer to be educated and not sold to – they search for products/services online, research available businesses, and visit you premises with the aid of online maps. Your business survival depends on your ability to: • prominently display answers to customer concerns ...Read More
Advertising Sucks A1

Top 5 reasons traditional advertising sucks.

  Reason #1: Business are frustrated with poor results (particularly in a slow economy) We regularly survey business owners, and ask them “What are you doing to promote your business?” and “What results are you getting?” The answers are always the same “Yellow pages, internet, newspaper, radio, TV and direct mail” and “Crappy, lousy, frustrating, ...Read More
Direct Reponse A

8 reasons to use direct response marketing

‘Traditional’ vs ‘Direct Response’ …. What’s the difference? Marketing falls into two broad categories – one is ‘traditional’ (brand based) advertising, the other is ‘direct response’ advertising. As its name implies ‘direct response’ marketing is both targeted directly to potential buyer and elicits an immediate response. ‘Traditional’ advertising refers to...Read More
Cold Calls3a

Killer cold calls (part 3) – handling objections

When sales people hear an objection, they often cringe. The very idea that a prospect could say no causes anxiety and often triggers a panic response. You instinctively defend your position and try to overcome the objection.Read More
Long Form Sales Letters 2a

Long form sales letters – flop with corporate buyers

In a previous blog had argued ‘Long form’ sales letters are an effective marketing methodology if done correctly, and outlined why it’s such a powerful sales tool with the consumer market. If we accept ‘long form’ formats as being universally advantageous, how do we explain the mixed results with corporate buyers? What makes these buyers ...Read More
Cold Calls 2a

Killer cold calls (part 2) – demystified

Telemarketing can be brutal – first impressions are lasting, you don’t get a second chance. With only 10 seconds to grab a prospects attention and engage them long enough to get your message across, preparation is crucial. We’ve previously discussed the structure of a good script and offered an example, it’s now necessary to explain ...Read More
Cold Calls 1a

Killer cold calls (part 1) – “the structure”

When it comes to cold-calling many people think they can just “wing it”, but with 10 seconds to grab a prospects attention and engage them long enough to get your message across; preparation is your key to success. Remember, first impressions are lasting … often there is no second chance. If we accept preparation is ...Read More