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The importance of diversified marketing campaigns

Availability and access to information has changed buyer expectations and behaviour. Buyers now prefer to be educated and not sold to – they search for products/services online, research available businesses, and visit you premises with the aid of online maps.

diversified-marketing-bYour business survival depends on your ability to:

  • • prominently display answers to customer concerns at every interaction/touchpoint – remember these concerns form the selection criteria by which your business is judged on (discussed earlier)
  • • ensure your brand and associated marketing is prominent on multiple marketing platforms, and in the minds of potential customers

Your ability to communicate to the customer that your product/service is robust and solves his specific problems, as well as present your business as unique and trustworthy – determines the success (or failure) of any marketing endeavour.

This task cannot by achieved via disparate marketing initiatives; but requires a co-ordinated campaign style approach across multiple platforms, utilising multiple media formats – some of which are listed below:


Search engine marketing

Effective Search Engine Marketing services ensure your target market can easily find you in web searches, making it an essential component of your Online Marketing strategy.

The critical focus with Search Engine Marketing is ensuring your brand & advertising remains prominently displayed in front of people searching for your products & services.

Your campaign is optimised to grab viewer attention, engage their interests and leading them to your door.


Website development and optimisation

Traffic to a site is of no value if the site is not designed to convert the visitors into buyers. It’s like a closed shop – shoppers can view the display items but there is no-one there to provide information, assist with product selection and make the sale.

Your website needs to be a functional sales generating tool, contributing (and working in parallel) with sales & marketing initiatives.

We believe it is critical your website is designed to:

  • • attract and hold visitor attention
  • • engage with and guide the assessment of your offering
  • • educate the visitor on the unique value, perfect customer fit and trustworthiness you provide
  • • elicit action towards a sale


Mobile marketing

Mobile devices (phones & tablets) account for almost 50% of online searches, and significantly more for local searches. Mobile internet usage is ‘through the roof’ with customers constantly looking to their mobile phones to find a business, make a decision or purchase products.

Create mobile friendly sites, specific to your business needs – and optimise them for:

  • • visibility with search engines
  • • usability in the mobile environment
  • • functionality as a marketing platform

…. focusing on engaging & educating the visitor, and contributing towards a sale.


Mobile app marketing

Over the last few years finding & exchanging information, has gone undeniably mobile – see stats below:

  • • Over 5.2 billion mobile phones are in use around the world.
  • • People carry their mobile phones with them everywhere & use them daily for just about everything.
  • • On average people are 6 1/2 times more likely to interact with your business on a mobile device then a desktop computer.
  • • Today’s consumers (and business owners) expect the convenience and ease-of-use that Mobile provides

With existing customers, where trust has already been established – mobile apps are the preferred medium for accessing information, providing feedback, bookings / appointments and making purchases.


Social media marketing

Social networking is the fastest growing form of online activity, with over 2.8 billion social media profiles (36% users actively posting brand related content).

It has become imperative to both have a presence and advertise in major social media platforms – see benefits below:

  • • Take your message directly to your consumers … go where they go
  • • Create a personalized experience for your prospects and customers
  • • Develop your company’s brand – educate followers on what you stand for and the value you provide
  • • Stay on top of what people are saying about you online, and be more responsive to their needs


Be across all media types

Making a sale in the current competitive environment requires connecting emotionally with customers over multiple engagements. Your competitors are competing for the attention of the same customers.

At a base level, marketing is about gaining and retaining the attention of customers long enough to elicit a positive action towards a sale. There is therefore a need to continually stimulate customer interests – a task involving a variety of sensory inputs (graphics, print, voice, video etc).

Staying competitive in your market, successfully building your brand and maintaining prominence, requires sustained marketing effort utilising multiple media formats.


Leverage diverse systems

Many sales & marketing services and development options are available – email marketing, webinars, event marketing, telemarketing, help-desk, live chat, appointment systems, in-house digital displays etc.

Each plays a role (to varying degrees) in your customer development continuum (marketing, sales, customer service) – the utility of each needs to be addressed accordingly.

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